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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a method used for focusing your attention.  It is an effective communication technique  for shaping your thoughts and behaviour.  It is used to guide you into a state that you have drifted  in and out of many times without even realising it.  Have you ever said to someone “sorry I was dreaming”,  “sorry I was a million miles away” or “the lights are on but no-ones home”.  These comments are used  to describe a time when you were there sat on the settee but you weren’t with it, you were miles away,  maybe engrossed in a film or working on the computer, you are there but because you are focused on  something like the film you do not hear someone talking to you or see someone walk into the room.

Hypnosis is a very relaxed state that allows your conscious mind to get out of the way and allows communication with your subconscious mind which is where all the information that influences your  actions is stored.  This then makes it possible to alter any negative behavior, beliefs and attitudes and  overwrite them with positive behavior, beliefs and attitudes.

What is Hypnosis?

For example as a child you may have had  an experience in your conscious mind like been scared by a dog which your subconscious mind then makes  a note of and leaves you with a fear of dogs, once that belief has taken hold you will have a fear of dogs.

Hypnosis can change this belief by replacing the fear in your subconscious mind with new thoughts and beliefs and so after hypnosis the fear would no longer be an issue.

There are various levels of hypnosis these are Light trance, Medium depth trance and Deep trance.  Ninety percent of people can achieve a light trance.  Between 70% and 90% of the people who can go into a light trance will be able to go into a medium-depth trance and between 10% and 15% of the people who can go into a light trance will be able to go into a deep trance.

Some people leave their first session of hypnosis saying I wasn’t hypnotized I knew what was going on the whole time.  This is normal, hypnosis is not a state of amnesia or of no awareness.  However patients may only remember what is important for them to remember.  Hypnosis is actually a state of much heightened awareness.

A hypnotic therapy session is a safe, gentle and relaxing experience.

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