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Regression Therapy can be very useful when used to take a person back to a traumatic event in their early life and revisit the event seeing it through an adult’s eye and being able to advise your younger self.

Past Lives are linked to your soul which will have experienced life on more than one occasion. Past Life Regression Therapy can work very well on certain problems like fears and phobias and even on some aches and pains that the subconscious has bought into this life with it.

For example a person having throat problems may well have been hung in a previous life or someone suffering from unexplained migraines may have suffered some sort of head trauma in a previous life.

Past Life Regression uses Hypnosis with visualisation techniques very similar to meditation

All sessions last between 60-90 minutes, all for £50 a session.

Past Life Regression and Traditional Hypnotherapy need 2-3 sessions

Combined Hypnotherapy/Meditation/Healing is done in one session.

Appointments can only be made on 07597969036 or email us at hypnotherapiststone@gmail.com

We offer appointments on a Tuesday and Sunday between 10am and 8pm and are based in Oulton Road, Stone, Staffs

Whether you are curious about a past life,  have an issue you need to investigate or just want a deep relaxation/meditation with healing give us a call to make an appointment

Here at Step In Stone Hypnotherapy

We have a fully qualified clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner who has been healing for 5 years, with training from a Reiki Master and also ongoing training at Stafford Spiritualist Church.

We can offer therapies from Past Life Regression for curiosity but more importantly to help to explore whether any issues from a previous life maybe having an effect on the life you are currently living.

As well as Traditional Hypnotherapy we also offer a combined hypnotherapy/mediation/healing session.  For anyone used to meditation and Reiki combining hypnotherapy, meditation and healing gives a deeper meditation and according to clients leaves them feeling far more relaxed than just meditation.

I went to Caron for hypno-med and Reiki, I do meditate but was having trouble sleeping. I thought I would see what results combined hypnotherapy, meditation & healing would have. The results for me were a deeper meditation and powerful healing. I have never slept as well as I did after seeing Caron, I left feeling totally relaxed, and feeling really good.I have used Caron a few times since especially when I am getting stressed or feel down.
I hated public speaking so much so that three years ago I turned down promotion at work because I had to hold a team meeting once a month and the thought terrified me. I saw Caron on three occasions I still don’t like public speaking but It does not affect me, I no longer feel sick at the thought of it in fact I have now accepted promotion to team leader and I am able to give the talk at the start of each month.